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Are you helping your soccer team and players as best you can? The Soccer Stats Tracker is free to all new users during this intro month! Stats tracker will reduce your workload (by up to 55%) and improve team awareness (5x better understanding of team potential).

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Why Use Soccer Stats Tracker?

Soccer Stats Tracker is more than statistics -- it allows coaches to focus on the game, while giving you actionable data to

  1. help your team get better and 
  2. help your players and parents celebrate successes and skills achieved!

App is currently being offered lifetime free for all users interested in a simple-to-use, yet advanced statistics tool for soccer teams.  Just download this week and you'll never need pay a fee for stats again.


Features for coaches & parents

Unlimited Game Tracking

Get lifetime free use, for users installing this month.  Unlimited games, unlimited teams.

Unlimited Team Managers

Unlimited help from your coaches & parents. They can make stats tracking even easier!

Advanced Statistics

Easily collect cool stats like % Passes Intercepted, Short vs Long Passes, Goal-Production Efficiency

Coach-Only Analytics

Get a manager view of game analysis to help you see the good (and the bad)

Simple Two-Touch

Record any stat with a simple two touch screen that takes three seconds (so you can keep your eyes on the game)!

Shareable Team Success

Give team families a "Kudos" report, so that EVERY athlete can get a pat on the back!

Soccer Statistics App is easy to use!

Give it a try now (free) and see how you can quickly improve your team's success!

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